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As Wikispaces is now defunct, we have copied all the pages (as PDFs) created by Stephanie Bange showing Holocaust education resources at the Center in Allyn Hall at Wright State.  These resources are available for borrowing for anyone with a WSU library card – see the first PDF below for information on how to obtain a card.  These PDFs are up to date as of April 2018.

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This wiki is a listing of children’s, young adult, and adult books about the Holocaust and modern-day genocides appropriate for use in the K-12 classroom, available to borrow from the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center (DHRC). The DHRC collection is located in the Charles & Renate Frydman Educational Center (ERC), 116 Allyn Hall, Wright State University (WSU), Dayton, OH. The information compiled here is linked to both the DHRC website and the ERC’s website. Most of these materials are accessible to universities in the state of Ohio through OhioLINK.

Each entry on the wiki includes the call number, title and author of the book, the grade range appropriate, an annotation and links to classroom support materials that can be found on the Internet. A brief description of contents of linked websites are included for each link.

Use of tags are helpful in cross-referencing items in the wiki. They will be as general as possible, but will be helpful to locate material that might be listed across many pages. The “Search” box may also be helpful to locate materials.

Local teachers not affiliated with WSU may borrow up to 5 items from the collection on a free DHRC Courtesy Card issued by the ERC. The DHRC Courtesy Card Policy is attached. NOTE: Each teacher must have a letter from his/her school principal on letterhead acknowledging 1) the teacher will be using the materials in a unit on the Holocaust and 2) the school will accept financial responsibility for all items checked out on the card. This letter must be submitted when applying for a courtesy card. The DHRC Courtesy Card must be renewed annually.

Courtesy Card Policy: CourtesyCardPolicy

resources on:

Anne  Frank: dhrc_Anne_Frank_20180420

Auschwitz: dhrc_Auschwitz_20180420

Bergen-Belsen: dhrc_Bergen-Belsen_20180420

Best Practices in the Classroom: dhrc_Best_Practices_in_the_Classroom_20180420

Bullying: dhrc_Bullies__Bullying_20180420

Classroom Collections: Literature Circles: dhrc_Classroom_Collections__Literature_Circles_20180420

Education Files: dhrc_Education_Files_20180420

Elie Wiesel: dhrc_Elie_Wiesel_20180420

General History: dhrc_General_History_20180420

Genocide: dhrc_Genocide_20180420

Ghettos: dhrc_Ghettos_20180420

Hitler and Nazi Germany: dhrc_Hitler_and_Nazi_Germany_20180420

Judaism: dhrc_Judaism_20180420

Juvenile Fiction: dhrc_Juvenile_Fiction_20180420

Kindertransport: dhrc_Kindertransport_20180420

Kristallnacht: dhrc_Kristallnacht_20180420

Liberators: dhrc_Liberators_20180420

Mauthausen: dhrc_Mauthausen_20180420

Nazi Medical Experiments: dhrc_Nazi_Medical_Experimentation_20180420

Nuremberg Trials: dhrc_Nuremberg_Trials_20180420

Other Concentration, Labor and Death Camps: dhrc_Other_Concentration_Labor__Death_Camps_20180420

Persecuted Groups: dhrc_Persecuted_Groups_20180420

Prejudice and Memory: A Holocaust Exhibit (at the Air Force Museum): dhrc_Prejudice_and_Memory_–_A_Holocaust_Exhibit_20180420

Propaganda: dhrc_Propaganda_20180420

Reference Materials: dhrc_Reference_20180420

Resistance Movements: dhrc_Resistance_Movement_20180420

Restitution and Aftermath: dhrc_Restitution_and_Aftermath_20180420

Survivor Narratives: dhrc_Survivor_Narratives_20180420

Teaching Tolerance and Understanding: dhrc_Teaching_Peace_Tolerance_and_Understanding_20180420

Terezin/Theresienstadt: dhrc_Terezin_20180420

Titles for Teachers: dhrc_Titles_for_Teachers_20180420

Treblinka: dhrc_Treblinka_20180420

Video Recordings: dhrc_Video_Recordings_20180420

World Response: dhrc_World_Response_20180420

WWII Japanese Experience: dhrc_WWII_Japanese_Experience_20180420