Writing and Art Contests

Each winter the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center sponsors two contests for students in grades 5 through 12. Click on the links below for complete details about the contests, including this year’s themes and deadlines. Contact rene @ with any further questions.

The theme for this year’s Lydia May Memorial Holocaust Writing Contest and Max May Memorial Holocaust Art Contest is:

“Heroes of the Holocaust“

While millions of Jews, Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, political prisoners and others died in concentration camps, the world outside the Third Reich said little, and did less, to defend the victims.  A few heroic individuals acted, but most governments and organizations did not.  Your writing or art project should consider questions like, Why was so little done to help the victims? or how did the victims, and their persecutors, react to the world’s indifference to the Holocaust? What lessons can we today learn from this apathy?  Can we still be silent when we see bullying and persecution?
Writing entries must be submitted by Friday, March 9 and art entries by Friday, March 16.

Lydia May Holocaust Writing Contest

Max May Memorial Holocaust Art Contest

In 2002 we published a booklet containing some of the best contest entries from the past decade. Contact us if you would like copies, or view the entire booklet here. (large PDF file)

In 2003 and 2004, a selection of Art Contest entries were exhibited at the Webster Street Market, the Dayton Art Institute, and Sinclair Community College. Click here for the complete exhibit catalogue – thanks to Jill Wysong of the DAI. (link to catalog.pdf)

Since 2004, selected Art Contest entries have been exhibited at the Dayton Art Institute.  Some of these are pictured on our Facebook page: