Wiki Spaces link to the DHRC collections at Wright State University

Our collection of links on using the Holocaust to teach about bullying

Museums and Resource Centers
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
USHMM education resources
Yad vaShem (the Holocaust museum and memorial in Jerusalem)
Center for Holocaust Humanity Education, Cincinnati (Hebrew Union College)
CANDLES (Eva Kor’s museum in Terre Haute)
Holocaust Memorial Center, Detroit
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Cybrary of the Holocaust
Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research
Genocide Intervention Network
Website on the ‘Holocaust-through-Art” film As Seen Through These Eyes

lots of information on Jewish Partisans, including curriculum

Concentration and Death Camps
Aktion Reinhard – a website covering a number of death camps
Official website of the Auschwitz museum/memorial
PBS website on Auschwitz
Official Dachau website
Another Good Dachau website
Offical Mauthausen website (Some parts in English)
Another Mauthausen site, with good photos
Official Buchenwald website, in English
Unofficial Chelmno website
Official Majdanek website
Official Theresienstadt website (Click on British flag for English pages)
Official Bergen-Belsen website

Non-Jewish Victims
Five Million Forgotten
Holocaust Forgotten
Overlooked Millions (Abridged master’s thesis)
Poland’s Holocaust (non-Jewish victims)
Gypsies in the Holocaust
Genocide of the Roma (From the EU, in English)
Modern History Sourcebook documents on Gypsy victims
USHMM page on Gypsies
Cybrary of the Holocaust on Gypsies
University of San Francisco site on Jehovah’s Witnesses
USHMM page on Jehovah’s Witnesses
An official Jehovah’s Witness website
A Watchtower article on Jehovah’s Witness victims
Arnold-Liebster Foundation – Nazi persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses
University of San Francisco site on homosexuals
Jewish Virtual Library on homosexuals
Wikipedia article on gays during the Holocaust
Nazi Extermination of People with Mental Disabilities
Jewish Virtual Library on handicapped victims
USHMM page on handicapped victims

Anne Frank Websites
Anne Frank Center in New York
Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam
Interesting collection of interviews with people who knew Anne Frank
Exhibit at the USHMM
Some excerpts from the diary
Jewish Virtual Library on Anne Frank

Medical Experiments
Page from USHMM
Jewish Virtual library pages on medical experiments
Good summary from
Some actual Nazi documents (translated)
Debate on whether we should use medical data produced by the experiments

Visas for Life (Chinue Sugihara)
Oskar Schindler website
Raoul Wallenberg Institute (Sweden)
Wikipedia article on Wallenberg

Holocaust Survivors Network

Holocaust Matters – the story of Ernst Bornstein

Photo Essays
Many graphic photos from Shamash
Interesting collection from France
The Undeniable Holocaust: another graphic collection from a rather weird “conspiracy theory” website – we include it here because the photos are so good. Not for the squeamish.
Small but good collection of links from
Excellent Mengele website from Denmark

The Nuremberg Trials
Very thorough website from University of Missouri/Kansas City Law School

World War II, general but including Holocaust info
History Channel website on the war

Jewish Knights of the Air (about German Jewish airmen in World War I, housed at this website)