Part I: The Survivors

Helga Levy
Helga, a native of Berlin, tells of her experiences as a German, Jewish child, teenager and young adult under the Nazi regime. She describes how discriminatory laws affected an individual family, how she watched her parents being taken away and how she survived the War hidden in Berlin.
39 minutes

Murray Weisman
Murray was picked up off the streets of Lodz, Poland, at the age of nine. He survived a total of seven concentration camps and countless horrors. The last camp was Buchenwald from which he was liberated. He is one of the youngest survivors in the US.
43 minutes

Rachael Alperowitz (Frydman)
Rachael, a native of Poland, describes how, as a teenager, she evaded the roundup of Jews in her small hometown. She survived in the forests with her mother, who was eventually killed by German soldiers. Totally alone, she joined bands of partisans. Later, before the end of the War, she realized the dream of finding her brother alive.
53 minutes

Ben & Bernice Muler
Ben and Bernice survived the holocaust by being exiled to Russia from their individual hometowns in Poland at the War’s beginning. They tell their own stories until the time they met as young adults in Russia.
34 minutes

Sam Heider
Sam’s family farmed in a rural district of Poland and escaped persecution until 1941, but eventually all his relatives died at Treblinka. Sam himself was a prisoner in four camps, including Auschwitz and Dachau. As the war ended he participated in one of the infamous “Death Marches.”
59 minutes