Writing and Art Contests

Each winter the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center sponsors two contests for students in grades 5 through 12. Click on the links below for complete details about the contests, including this year’s themes and deadlines. Contact rfrydman  @ gmail.com with any further questions.

The 2022 Lydia May Writing and Max May Holocaust Art Contests have as their theme:

Children of the Holocaust

Find a story about a child who survived the Holocaust, despite physical and emotional scars, through courage and the will to live.  Their personal stories show how extreme racism, prejudice and bullying escalated into the Holocaust and caused 1.5 million children to lose their lives.  These problems of hate and prejudice still challenge children in our world today. Here are some resources to help you get started.

 The Holocaust Through Children’s Eyes (from PBS)

 Children in the Holocaust (from Yad Vashem)

 Children of the Holocaust (from Museum of Tolerance)

 Germany: How Children Escaped the Holocaust (from Deutsche Welle)

 Terezin: Children of the Holocaust

 Hidden Children (from Jewish Virtual Library)

 Children during the Holocaust (from US Memorial Holocaust Museum)

 You might also consider Renate Frydman’s book, Anschel’s Story (available from Amazon or libraries).

 The librarians at the ERC at Wright State will be happy to help: contact mandy.shannon@wright.edu

We know that the uncertainties of this school year may present obstacles to students, teachers and parents alike when it comes to creating art and writing for the contests.  We encourage entries from students being schooled at home as well as from the traditional classroom.

Entries must be submitted by Monday, March 28, 2022.  Click on the links below for full information. 

Lydia May Memorial Holocaust Writing Contest

Click here to see a booklet of some past winning entries.

Max May Memorial Holocaust Art Contest

The Dayton Art Institute has a virtual tour of the 2021 art on exhibit there:


In 2002 we published a booklet containing some of the best contest entries from the past decade. Contact us if you would like copies, or view the entire booklet here. (large PDF file)

In 2003 and 2004, a selection of Art Contest entries were exhibited at the Webster Street Market, the Dayton Art Institute, and Sinclair Community College. Click here for the complete exhibit catalogue – thanks to Jill Wysong of the DAI.

Since 2004, selected Art Contest entries have been exhibited at the Dayton Art Institute. Some of these are pictured on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DaytonHRC